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About Elys


In the digital era, retail faces more challenges than ever. ELYS (Engagement Loyalty System) is designed to help retail centers bring in crowds and push engagement with customers, creating loyalty and boosting sales.

This one-stop loyalty and engagement system has been tested in real-time and is in use at various retail centers, including top tier malls in Indonesia.

Why is ELYS so attractive? Our system lets you easily create gamified loyalty programs, rich customer experiences and personalized interactions, that are customized to your business profile and target customer segment. Proven solutions to help you successfully compete in the digital age.

  • This one-stop loyalty and engagement system

Cloud Core System

Our cloud core system was designed from the ground up by retail experts to specifically address the needs of the business in the digital era. ELYS is easy to set up and use, allowing you to quickly set up and/or change your loyalty program conditions, including game rules.

ELYS also provides ready-made digital channels for engagement with responsive mobile application interfaces, so that customers are no more than a touchscreen away from ELYS at all times. It also allows you to decide when to reward users, accomodate brand needs, drive wanted behaviours that occur at each stage of the customer journey and promote friendly competition within your brand for a rich and exciting user experience.

At a technical level, the robust but streamlined system architecture includes sophisticated functions such as rules engine, notificator, events queue and user cache that specifically address retail needs.

Key benefits for program operators:
  • Identify members
  • Connect promotions and events with each individual customers
  • Easy communication with customers
  • Tracking customers behaviours
  • Point customization
  • Tiering
  • Custom expiration
    • Drive customer engagement through digital game experiences


    Drive customer engagement through digital game experiences Keep your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds stand out by offering exciting digital mobile games within your retail environment. Design and set the rules simply and easily using ELYS as a one-stop solution, instead of having to engage with other outside game vendors.

    Our gamification set up contains a host of ready-to-use options that are proven to motivate and excite users, allowing you to simply plug and play.





    Multi Currency


    • This one-stop loyalty and engagement system

    Mobile Application

    Create your very own mobile application though ELYS Strengthen your digital presence and reach customers directly with your very own designed mobile application. ELYS’ ready made mobile application features offer a basic ready-to-go version or it can be customized to your specifications.

    User Profile

    User Area


    Activity Feed



    • This one-stop loyalty and engagement system

    Engage & Communicate

    Direct, personalized interaction

    ELYS supports direct engagement and communication with your valued customers over digital channels. Welcome, inform, thank and notify them of customized promotions, wins, special offers and other relevant information personalized to their individual profile.


    Segmented Messages


    Customized Pop-ups

    Welcome Message

    Bulk Messages

    • This one-stop loyalty and engagement system

    Powerful Insight from Real Time Data

    Our system is designed to capture and analyze data See your customers’ activity in real-time over the activity dashboards, and get actionable data and analysis that can drive your business further.

    Game Mechanics

    User Managment

    A/B Testing

    Rule Engine


    Insights & Analytics

    • Digital vouchers are a strategic and highly effective that can be used to attract consumers and reward loyalty.

    Digital Vouchers

    Digital vouchers are a strategic and highly effective that can be used to attract consumers and reward loyalty. Our system allows you to create and send digital vouchers directly to targeted customers over multiple channels, including mobile phone and email. ELYS also verifies the validity of the digital vouchers, cutting down on the chance of fraud.

    Delivery and usage can be tracked in real-time, giving you valuable insight into your consumers’ behavior and instant data on what types of promotions are most effective for smart spending.